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[Super Junior Fic] Disassemble the Heavens (2/?)

Title: Disassemble the Heavens (2/?)
Pairing: Siwon/Hankyung
Genre: AU
Summary: Han Geng fights for his rightful place, and for the one thing that has ever mattered to him.
Notes: Sequel to Walls Held Up Against the Sky. Title taken from this poem. Again, for inheritable . ♥

*Shi Yuan = Siwon
Sheng Min = Sungmin
Li Te = Leeteuk
Kui Xian = Kyuhyun
Li Xu = Ryeowook
Xian Hua = Henry
Dong Hai = Donghae
Yu Li = Yuri (of SNSD)

"Love's first snow-drop, virgin kiss." ~Robert Burns

"Floating and fighting, like a kite on a string, Till you cut through my tether and changed everything"
~'Kite', Copeland


Shi Yuan was standing by their armory when he saw a lone figure ride up to their camp on a chestnut horse, the stranger's deep red cloak stark against the white, snow-covered plain.

Shi Yuan knew an omen when he saw one, but whether this one was good or bad, he was uncertain. He motioned to the perimeter guards — no danger shall befall the camp, especially on Shi Yuan's watch — and the newcomer was blocked with the guards' spears.

"I come with news for Emperor Han Geng," came the soft voice, its owner's face still concealed with a deep hood. A boy, Shi Yuan thought. What is this child doing here? War was no place for someone so young.

"Who are you, and how can we trust your words?" Shi Yuan shot back.

The messenger removed the hood of the heavy cloak, revealing a female. Shi Yuan stared in slight surprise, thinking that this might be one of Sheng Min's tactics to catch them off guard.

"I am Quan Yu Li of the Ivory Palace," she lifted her chin, meeting Shi Yuan's eyes. "I have a message from one of the late Emperor Li Te's princes."

"I am one of the four princes of the empire," Shi Yuan stepped forward, causing the fence of spears to part, the guards giving way. "Whatever you wish to say to His Majesty, you can say it to me."

Yu Li paused, regarding Shi Yuan with wary eyes. "I was told to find the star hidden in honey." Yu Li hefted the reins in her hands. "Do you know where that is?"

Shi Yuan's eyes widened, recognizing those words.

(They were raised to be polite yet wary of strangers. Growing up in the palace meant meeting a lot of people, and the boys were taught that not everyone could be trusted. Han Geng and Kui Xian's mother invented a game for the youngest boy, to keep him safe from people who might take advantage of him. There was a riddle and a response — whoever told them the riddle meant that that person was an ally, a friend even. The simple verses were repeated over and over until the four boys knew those by heart — until it became more than just Kui Xian's little game: it became their key to each other.)

"Go to where the jade comes from," Shi Yuan replied, struggling against the sudden rush of excitement and fear. "From whom is the message?"

"The one called Zhou Mi sent me," Yu Li said. "I have news of Prince Kui Xian."

Shi Yuan turned to the guards. "Let her pass."

Yu Li dismounted from her horse. "You must be Zhou Mi's brother. It is my pleasure to meet you, Lord Shi Yuan."


Shi Yuan brought Yu Li to Han Geng's quarters. He addressed Xian Hua, who was still at the door. "Tell His Majesty that there is a message from Zhou Mi about Kui Xian."

Xian Hua went in to inform Han Geng, then came back out to have Shi Yuan and the girl to come in.

Shi Yuan escorted Yu Li before Han Geng, who was seated by his work table, maps and plans laid out on the surface. "My lord, Quan Yu Li of the Ivory Palace wishes your audience."

Han Geng got up, looked at Shi Yuan and Yu Li. "What can I do for you, little miss?"

Yu Li bowed. "I was told to find the star hidden in honey." She raised her head to meet Han Geng's gaze. "Do you know where that is?"

"Go to where the jade comes from," was Han Geng's response. He nodded, trying to hold down his anticipation. "Kui Xian?"

"Prince Kui Xian and Lord Zhou Mi sought refuge in the Ivory Palace two weeks ago. They had barely escaped when the City of Light burned down," Yu Li began. "Zhou Mi wanted to let you and his brother Shi Yuan know that they are alive and safe." Her face became grave. "Prince Kui Xian is unwell because of having inhaled too much smoke, but the healers at the Ivory Palace are doing their best to restore his health."

Han Geng's face was schooled into a carefully composed expression. "Thank you so much for taking our brothers in," he bowed to Yu Li. "We are indebted to your kingdom."

"Thank you for coming all this way to give us Zhou Mi's message," Shi Yuan bowed as well. "Please rest today and have your journey home by tomorrow. We will have you escorted by one of our finest knights on your trip back." Shi Yuan summoned Li Xu to take care of Yu Li for the rest of her stay at the camp.

"They are all right," Shi Yuan said. "There is no need to worry now, my lord."

Han Geng, now without other people's presence, finally let the worry show on his face. "But Kui Xian is sick," Han Geng began to pace the room. "I feel like I should be there." He looked up at Shi Yuan. "I need to be there for him."

Shi Yuan stepped closer to Han Geng. "I understand how you feel. I know how you feel," he said. "But Zhou Mi is there. He is representative of you and me." Shi Yuan closed the gap between them and took Han Geng by the shoulders. "He will make sure no harm comes to Kui Xian, I am sure of it."

Han Geng met Shi Yuan's eyes, and thought there was something in there that he had never seen before.


The riddle was derived from the names of the four boys — for Kyuhyun, Siwon and Hankyung, I don't remember which exactly are translations from Korean and Mandarin, sorry:

Kui Xian/Kyuhyun: "Worthy like jade"
Shi Yuan/Siwon: "origin, source"
Han Geng/Hankyung: "star"
Mi: (from one of his fan nicknames, Mi Tang) "honey"
Tags: fandom: super junior, gift: for shinn, pairing: siwon/hangeng, series: disassemble the heavens, type: fic
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