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[DBSK/SNSD Ficlet] tongue-tied

title: tongue-tied
characters: yoochun/yoona
summary: Yoochun is besotted, and doesn't know what to do about it. Involves pretty young girls and meddling boys, and general fail.
author's notes: this was meant for dbsk_flashfic's "unspoken" drabble prompt, which went on to become 200 words more than the challenge required. for sleepish, who unconsciously makes me write yoochun/yoona at six in the morning.

"Yoochun is a cradlerobber," Jaejoong announces one morning, wandering into the kitchen where everyone else are. The other three look up, breakfast forgotten. Changmin raises an eyebrow.

"She's 19. You talk as if she's still a minor." Yoochun tails Jaejoong, then stops when he sees four pairs of eyes staring at him. "Uh," he stares back. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Jaejoong, shut up."

"He's a stalker, too," Jaejoong sits down, takes the bread Yunho offers. Junsu does a double-take.

"Am not," Yoochun mutters. "I just wanted to make sure she made it home safely."

"She had dinner with Kibum, and he drove her home." Jaejoong smirks. "You just wanted to see if she'd let him into their dorm."

"I said," Yoochun glares into a coffee cup. "Shut up."

The others erupt in laughter, and Yunho is trying not to double-over, hand clamped over mouth.

The phone rings twice before Changmin gathers himself enough to reach over and pick up. "Oh, hi," he grins, presses the speakerphone button, then replaces the receiver. "Sorry, Yoochun hyung is still asleep. Can I just take a message?"

Yoona's soft voice fills the room. "Well," a pause. "Could you tell Yoochun oppa to just tell me if he wants to hang out or something? It was really weird to have him follow me around all day yesterday."

Changmin effectively sits on Yoochun to prevent him from reaching the phone. Yoochun gives a strangled cry, eyes on Yunho, a silent plea for help. Junsu distracts Yunho by offering to do the dishes for the rest of the day.

Yoona recites her mobile number, which Jaejoong dutifully writes down on Junsu's arm. "Changmin oppa," she tries to supress a sigh. "Is Yoochun oppa always that ...odd?"

"You know, Yoona-yah," Changmin leans against the counter a bit, letting Yoochun breathe. "We've all been wondering the same thing for years."

It takes two managers, all of SHINee, Super Junior T, one-thirds of Sonyuhshidae, and a whole lot of coaxing (not to mention bribery) to make Yoochun come out of his room.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong, Junsu, and Changmin take Yunho out to lunch make up for the headache they had caused.


Three days later, Yoona receives a gift from Yoochun, a charm for her mobile phone. She gives out a sound of delight when she opens the box, charmed by the pretty present. Sooyoung reads the card: For Yoona, whom I think of often. From Yoochun oppa — the girls unaware that the message is in Jaejoong's handwriting.
Tags: fandom: dbsk, fandom: sonyushidae, gift: for linda, pairing: yoochun/yoona, type: ficlet
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