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[drabble] parts and pieces

Title: parts and pieces
Summary: He feels fragmented without her.
Word Count: 160
Pairing: Junhyung/Gayoon
Author's note: for my darling taecyeon. ♥ random spur-of-the-moment flashfiction. oh hey, new fandom tag!
Two days, three nights, six minutes. He left her about a million messages on her voicemail, and she seemed intent to ignore all of them.
Four girls, five boys, a knowing look — Gayoon isn't going to show, is she? He felt like kicking something when Jihyun gave him a small, almost imperceptible nod.
Ten hours and counting, waiting outside the girls' dorm, when it suddenly rained. Spring shower, what the fuck? He ran a hand over the side of his head, sighing, staring hard at the pavement.
Two minutes in the rain, even longer, it seemed to him. Junhyung-ah. Suddenly without rain, suddenly a little warmer. He looked up. It was that pink umbrella he got her when they went to Lotte World long ago, the edges of it a little frayed, well-worn. Loved.
She gave him a soft look, a small smile, to which he dared to offer a smile back, covering her hand with his.

Tags: fandom: 4minute, fandom: beast, gift: for tamra, pairing: junhyung/gayoon, type: drabble
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