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[DBSK Drabble] echo

Title: Echo
Author: ianinna
Pairing: Jaejoong/Yoochun
Word count: 200
Summary: I'm here and I hear you - 'Echo', Vertical Horizon
Notes: AU. kallistei made this better. :) For halfkissed, a heart for a heart.

Yoochun's smile was wry as he nudged Jaejoong's knee. Pay attention, the slight twist of Yoochun's mouth said. You're in enough trouble as it is. Jaejoong looked up from his purposeful shoelace-fraying, making it appear like he was listening to whatever it was that their foster mother was saying. A shrug and a huff. As if you're any better. Yoochun tried to disguise his soundless laughter as a very-badly suppressed yawn; Jaejoong stared at the wall. The lecture caused them to miss the school bus, not that they'd actually go to school.

Who cares? Jaejoong kicked at the earth, an abandoned construction site their playground. The world sees them as useless anyway — Jaejoong, badmouthed and bullheaded, and Yoochun, trapped in himself, hearing the world, and the world unable to hear him. So what? Lying there, cloud-watching, sunlight smeared on their skin, Jaejoong sensed Yoochun's contentment as they admired their own slice of the sky.

"Want to go kidnap Taemin during recess time?" Jaejoong turned to Yoochun. A smile spread across Yoochun's face, his eyes twinkling.

Jaejoong realized long ago that silence was not always the absence of sound. It was the sound one's heart made when it was full.
Tags: challenge: dbsk_flashfic, fandom: dbsk, gift: for pachi, pairing: jaejoong/yoochun, type: drabble
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